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Studio apartment 12.5m2

Studio apartment 12.5m2

329 € / month

329 € / month

329 € / month

329 € / month

329 € / month

329 € / month

329 € / month

Studio apartment 12.5m2


A cozy and comfortable studio apartment in Laava Apartments is a compact and affordable option.
The studio has everything you need for living, so you can move in right away.

Laava Apartments at Laki 24 on Mustamäe is a well-located, reasonable choice for 1 person who wants a place to stay
for a reasonable price.
The Scandium Laava Apartments studio is 12.5 m2 in size and consists of a kitchen-living room and a bathroom.
The apartment has a sofa and a folding dining table with two chairs.
Utility costs are approx. 40-60€ in summer and approx. 80-120€ in winter, depending on the volume of consumption.

When signing the contract, you must pay the current month's rent, a deposit in the amount of one month's rent and a contract fee of €199.
Lidl store, Mustika Center with Prisma and Mustamäe Center are within walking distance.

Live like a hotel, but feel like home!

Pets are also welcome at Scandium, but please consider paying a double deposit on the first payment.
A fully furnished and ready-to-use, modern, comfortable studio is waiting for the resident!

Scandium Living's partner for renting without a deposit is CasaPay, which, if desired, supports more flexible renting in Scandium houses,
therefore, it is not necessary to pay us a deposit to rent the studio!
Casapay gives you the option to get insurance coverage by paying 2.4% per month of the rental amount or pay to get insurance coverage
deposit in full to Casapay.
You can find more information at

Find out more about availability by writing us
If you have any concerns or questions during your rental period, the Scandium Living team is there to help.
Write to or call +37254110117; +37253900892
Please use this link to book this studio:

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  • Address:Laki 24, Mustamäe, Tallinn
  • Condition:new
  • Floor:1/4
  • Built in:2019
  • Rooms:1
  • Parking: Not available
  • Bedrooms:1
  • General area:12.5 m2
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Registration of residence: Allowed


  • Postboxes:
  • Private bathroom:
  • Washing machines:
  • Private kitchenette:




  • Oven:
  • Stove:
  • Open kitchen:
  • Refrigerator:
  • Kitchen furniture:

Sanitary room

Extra information

  • Elevator:
  • Wardrobe:
  • Furniture:
  • Packet windows:

Security and communication

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