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Scandium Living

Resident-focused property management.

Our goal

To provide our residents with the best possible quality of life by providing inspirational rental homes.

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No matter whether you are studying or working, do it at a measured pace and with a warm smile!

Always here for you

Our values

  • Friendly.

    Friendly neighbours and employees. Never hesitate to get in touch with us or to approach us. We will also all get together at common events.

  • Inspiring.

    The inspiring environment in our buildings and apartments will give momentum to anything you choose to do.

  • Convenient.

    A convenient life begins with carefree living arrangements. Your apartment is equipped with everything you need and more. There will be no surprises in the monthly invoices, and help is always at hand.

  • Professional.

    Our friendly team consists of people who have experience in the field of property construction, property management, and customer service. We are able to ensure levels of stability and quality which cannot be provided by others who are involved only in the business of renting apartments.

  • Extraordinary.

    An extraordinary experience in every way. Why live in an ordinary building if you can live in a Nestin building?

For the investor

  • For the investor

    <p>We use thoroughly developed and tested procedures in providing the accommodation service in order to ensure maximum occupancy and a good yield. Our property ads are displayed in a structure and high-quality manner, the process of selecting the residents is reliable, and the path of a client (incl. entry into contracts and issuing of invoices) well-managed.</p>

  • Management of buildings

    <p>We take care of regular maintenance and technical inspection of the buildings in order to ensure the best possible convenience for the residents and a reliable increase in the value of the property for the owner. We organise maintenance works and represent the owner in the event of warranty issues.</p>

  • Property management from development to furnishing

    <p>Thanks to our strong real estate development background and experience, we are a good partner for finding new locations and projects for expanding your rental building portfolio. We can be trusted with everything from experience-based optimisation of plans and developing the concept to complete furnishings and design.</p>

Rental brand Nestin Rent became Scandium Living
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Scandium Living belongs to the Scandium Group

Scandium Living is a subsidiary of the recognized real estate developer Scandium Real Estate

Scandium Real Estate is a comprehensive Estonian real estate developer that focuses on the development of complete living environments where everything necessary for life would be conveniently close by. As the leading rental real estate developer, Scandium develops rental houses where co-living lifestyle plays a key role. Scandium Living is the proud property manager of these rental homes. In Scandium, we develop quality of life by creating inspiring environments.

Scandium Real Estate is one of the founding members of ‘The Green Tiger’ cooperation platform which allows us to contribute to a better future.

It is our intention to develop a green philosophy for all of our property-related projects, from the first stages of designing the building. With each new building, we are able to implement new, modern, sustainable areas of technology, from solar panels to wind energy.

More Scandium projects

The Scandium portfolio includes investor apartments, residential properties, and also office spaces.


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