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Scandium Living is a capable property manager and operator of residential properties.

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Development and operation of rental residential properties is our daily business.

Ensuring high occupancy

We use thoroughly developed and tested procedures in providing the accommodation service in order to ensure maximum occupancy and a good yield. Our property ads are displayed in a structure and high-quality manner, the process of selecting the residents is reliable, and the path of a client (incl. entry into contracts and issuing of invoices) well-managed.

Building good rental relationships

Our focus is to offer the residents of rental homes the feeling of a real home, a warm service culture and pleasant contacts. The result of mutual respect is the good reputation of our houses, satisfied tenants and apartments, which are well maintained by the hosts.

Management of buildings

We take care of regular maintenance and technical inspection of the buildings in order to ensure the best possible convenience for the residents and a reliable increase in the value of the property for the owner. We organise maintenance works and represent the owner in the event of warranty issues.

Property management from development to furnishing

Thanks to our strong real estate development background and experience, we are a good partner for finding new locations and projects for expanding your rental building portfolio. We can be trusted with everything from experience-based optimisation of plans and developing the concept to complete furnishings and design.

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Rental real estate is not a passive asset class. However, it might be just that if the partner is a capable asset management company and operator.