Accommodation in Haapsalu

Finding accommodation in Haapsalu can be very easy or impossibly difficult. It all depends on the date and time! Summer weekends tend to fill up early because the city is not made of rubber, but it is proudly one of the two most popular resort cities in Estonia. At the same time, during autumn and spring, there are opportunities to mix things up and you can be much more demanding with your wishes than otherwise.

Experience accommodation in mini villas next to the sea

From the spring of 2023, a new popular destination, which previously could only be found in uninhabited forest areas, has been added to Haapsalu’s accommodation selection – accommodation in stylish mirror houses. Tiny Marienholm 5 mini villas with saunas are located right by the sea in Haapsalu on the newly opened Marienholm peninsula.

Unique location in Haapsalu

The Marienholm peninsula itself has been completely closed to visitors for the last 20 years. The mini villas are the first opportunity to spend the night in this area. Come and enjoy the magnificent views of the bay, the fields and the many species of birds.

All mini villas are elegantly furnished and two buildings also have private saunas. Come alone, with a partner or a group of friends – you are very welcome at our place! See what awaits you in the video.

Accommodation in Haapsalu offers versatility!

In addition to mini villas, Haapsalu has many different options for staying. Several different smaller and larger hotels await guests throughout the year, varying in price, facilities and location. You can also find beautiful apartments through Airbnb, from 1-room, more compact apartments in panel houses to spacious 4-room apartments in the heart of the city.

Prices vary several times

Just as accommodations vary widely, they also vary greatly in terms of prices. You can get a smaller apartment in the off-season for only a few tens of euros. In the summer, a more spacious accommodation can cost nearly half a thousand euros. And a special condition for a minimum stay also applies.

Special places close early

If there is a certain date in the summer when you want to stay in Haapsalu, it is worth making your choice early and locking it in with a reservation. If you book at the last moment, the prices can be significantly higher. You might also have to accept tougher conditions than what was planned when you were dreaming of the trip. Many accommodations also offer free cancellation.

It is also possible to make a reservation in Tiny Marienholm mini-villas a year in advance, so that you can stay overnight on the desired date!

Book comfortably through our website and we’ll meet in Haapsalu!