27. February, 2023 3 minute read Author: Eliise Evartov

A rental house as a modern student dormitory. But with superpowers.

To the uninitiated, a new modern rental house may seem like a foreign concept. It is almost like a student dorm. But then again, it isn’t. Let’s take a closer look at what a modern rental house is.

Pros of a dormitory

The advantage of student dorms is that people with similar lifestyles live in the house. Generally, they are students who have moved to a new city and, in addition to a warm place to live, get a nice community to spend time with. The same principle applies to rental houses with a co-living lifestyle. In addition to a cool place to live, sleep and cook, here you will find active, enthusiastic people to spend time and communicate with. Without even leaving the house!

In a rental house, the cross-section of the population is larger, and the horizons are wider

Unlike official dormitories, all people are welcome in a modern rental house – in addition to students, for example, professionals, bakers, drivers, IT experts, marketers, trainers, and world champions of acrobatics. In short – everyone is welcome, whom the house and the co-living lifestyle appeal. The advantage of such diversity is the fact that in the lounge, you can find that special person you have been waiting for – be it a business partner, best friend, or the love of your life.

Superpowers of a rental house

Unlike student dorms, many rental houses (especially co-living rental houses!) have common areas where you can spend time together, exercise, play table tennis, or watch a movie. For example, in Scandium Living’s Newton Studios, you can find a gym, a table tennis room, and a cinema room; Magma Studios also has a co-working area and a large outdoor area where you can exercise, play ball or apply your gardening fantasies.

If you feel like moving into a cool rental house right away, sign up for MAGMA Studios in Tallinn, which will be ready in April. This will be one awesome rental house with superpowers!

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