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The most exclusive rental lofts in Tartu are located in Duo

Duo Lofts are currently all the big fuzz in Tartu

The Duo Lofts, completed in Tartu in 2021, offer an experience for both residents of Tartu and, above all, the residents of this house. It is no wonder then, that in the same year, all the units – more than a 100 of them – found an owner. 

In addition to the fact that the house is located on the main street of the city by Rüütli Street, there is also a cinema hall, a gym, a party room and several cafes hidden inside the house.

The luxurious life of a house resident

For the residents of the Duo, living in the house is definitely a versatile experience, because care has been taken to ensure that you never get bored. 

All residents have free access to the 24/7 fully equipped gym or enjoy the sunset views from the rooftop terrace.

On the ground floor of the house, it is also possible to rent an event room and a cinema hall if you want to enjoy a private event with your friends.

Stylishly furnished lofts give you a metropolitan feel

What could be better than drinking coffee in your bed in the morning and enjoying the beautiful views. From the bed on the second floor of the loft, this is certainly possible!

Duplex rooms or lofts are a smart way to create two separate zones in one room. The first floor has an open kitchen and living room, and the second floor features a large bed and a wardrobe.

Put yourself down on the Scandium Living waiting list

If you would also like to live in Duo Lofts, let us know and we will add you to the waiting list – because these lofts won’t wait for a new tenant for a long time!

Write to us at duo@scandiumliving.ee

Astu sisse Duo Loftidesse!
Scandium Livingu Tartu üürikorterite juures on ka kinoruumi kasutamise võimalus
Duo üürikorterite elanikud saavad kasutada tasuta 24/7 avatud jõusaali
Scandiumi üürikorterid Tartus Duo Loftides
Scandiumi üürikorterid Duo Loftides Tartus
Duo Loftide üürikorterid Tartus ootavad sind
Tartu eksklusiivseimad üürikorterid ootavad sind Duo Loftides
Lofti teisele korrusele mahub nii voodi kui ka riidekapp
Duo Loftide katuseterrassil saad nautida kaunist päikeseloojangut

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  • The most exclusive rental lofts in Tartu are located in Duo

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