Which sum do I have to pay when I move in?

At the time of moving in, the deposit and the current month’s rent and the amount of fixed utilities must be paid. If you move in on the 1st date of the month, you will have to pay a full month’s rent. If you move in on another date, you will have to pay proportionately from that day until the end of the month. We calculate the base fee for fixed utilities and parking spaces in the same way.

For example you want to move in a Newton Studios house to a studio with a wide bed (accommodation fee with fixed utilities 360 + 69 = 429 €/month) on January 11 and also rent a parking space underground in a closed parking lot 35€/month).

> deposit in the value of 1 month’s accommodation fee = 360 €

> accommodation fee with fixed utility fee for January 11-31 429/31 days * 21 days = € 290.61

> parking space rental for January 11-31 35/31 days * 21 days = € 23.71

The total fee to be paid before moving in is 674.32 €.


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