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5 reasons why it is good to live in a rental house

1) As a rule, rental houses are better maintained than apartment buildings

The rental houses have secure managers, who on the one hand are responsible for ensuring that all rental studios are as tidy and nice as possible.

On the other hand, they make sure that all common areas, corridors and the exterior of the house are modern, clean and nice. Thus, the quality in rental houses is usually even better than in conventional apartment buildings.

2) Various additional rooms are available to residents in rental houses

The heart of the co-living  lifestyle are common areas where residents can gather, spend time and organize events. Most frequently, common areas include the recreation room, the gym, but also, for example, the community garden and terrace. 

Inspiring and inviting rooms extend the living space beyond the apartment walls.

3) The rental house creates a sense of community

When you work out in the gym, play table tennis in the games room or do your laundry in the laundry room, you will meet other residents and it will be easier to make contacts. Chatting behind a cup of coffee on the terrace can lead to some new business ideas or a friendship that lasts for decades.

4) The rental relationship in the rental house is secure

When renting a casual apartment from an individual, it may happen that the apartment will be sold or used for personal use after some time. Rental houses, on the other hand, are designed for the purpose of a long-term tenancy, ensuring reliability and security in both financial matters and the stability of the habitat.

5) Our rental homes have a co-living lifestyle

Man is a sociable soul. A young person or specialist moving to a new city must build a new network of acquaintances to contact and ask questions from. The easiest way is to go to the nearest person distance-wise – to knock on a neighbor’s door. 

Co-living elustiiliga majades on aga naabrite Unfortunately, for us Estonians, this does not sound very logical – how are you going to disturb a neighbor; who knows who will be welcoming you there? In houses with a co-living lifestyle, the door-knocking of neighbors is very welcome, even welcome.

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