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5 reasons why renting an apartment is sometimes the best solution

1) Renting an apartment gives you freedom

Want to move to another city to study? Or did you get a great job offer outside your hometown? Buying an apartment is a big investment and will inevitably make you local. 

If you are at a stage in your life where staying for a long time is not necessarily planned, renting an apartment is a good solution. When a moving opportunity arises, it is not hindered by the long and complicated process of selling the apartment. The only thing that must be considered in the case of a rental apartment is   the notice period for the termination of the lease agreement.

2) It is easy to rent and move in a furnished apartment

Looking at various Estonian real estate portals, one can see that many rental apartments are furnished. Renting such an apartment is a good option for those who do not have personal furniture or do not want to go through a complicated process of moving the furniture to another place. 

 In the case of a furnished rental apartment   , everything necessary for living is usually immediately available and you do not have to worry about where to sleep or prepare pancakes on Sunday mornings.

3) Renting an apartment is economically accessible

Renting an apartment is the best solution for a person whose financial situation does not allow them to get a loan for a home purchase or the loan payment becomes unreasonably high. When renting an apartment, you need to pay the first month’s rent and deposit and you are ready to move in.

4) You save the capital spent on furnishing the apartment

Furnishing an empty apartment is expensive and very time consuming. The furnishings of a new apartment cannot be purchased with the help of a home loan, and often the delivery time for the furniture can be measured in months. 

By renting a furnished apartment, all furnishing problems have already been solved for you. For a look at the modern rental apartments, see for example from the Newton Studios video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOA4LCUZ588.

5) Renting an apartment is low risk

The risks associated with acquiring real estate are higher than when renting real estate. If your income decreases or even disappears temporarily, it is possible to reduce your expenses by exchanging a rental apartment for a smaller and cheaper one. However, once you have acquired real estate, the costs are fixed and can only be reduced by selling the property.

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