What are the common rooms and common areas of Magma like?

The Magma Studios common areas are planned in a way that every active young person has the opportunity to stay physically active and interact with their nice neighbors.

Co-living typical of the house, there is a common room in Magma, where you can spend time with friends. Our common room has a soft sofa, TV, reading and study area, table tennis and a snack machine.

There is also a modern 24-hour gym on the 2nd floor of Magma, free of charge for all residents.

We will create a cozy and green recreation area in the yard of Magma, where you can soak up the sun in fine weather and why not have a barbeque as well. Behind the house there will also be an outdoor gym and a basketball court, where some competitions will definitely take place.

If you are youthful, active and sociable, then Magma is the perfect place to live for you!


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