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What exactly is a co-living lifestyle?

Kogukonnatunne on co-living majutuses kiire tekkima
Kogukonnatunne naabritega co-living majas

Co-living, or communal living

Co-living is a global trend that has reached Estonia these days as well. Favorable soil for this has been created by the popularity of living in small areas. This is especially true among young people, for whom small rental apartments are the most affordable to live in. 

On the other hand, sociality and a sense of community, which ordinary apartment buildings do not offer, are very important for a young person. This is especially needed by a young person from another city or country, whose network of friends and thus their sense of security has been left in their hometown. The co-living concept encourages more open communication between homeowners, creating a fertile ground for community formation.

Forming a community

In co-living houses, there are suitable opportunities for residents to spend time together. For example, you can find various common areas such as a table tennis room, a gym, a games room, a washing machine room and a community garden. 

The co-living lifestyle rental house created by Scandium Living in Newton Studios has all the above-mentioned common areas and they are actively used by the residents on a daily basis.

Living in Newton Studios

In Newton new in-house friendships and acquaintances have emerged. The residents come together every week to work out or cook together or to play table tennis. In addition, the house hosts events and gatherings for residents from board game evenings to theme parties and movie screenings. 

Larger events are organized by Scandium Living, which manages the house, but many smaller events are initiated and led by the residents of the house. Watch the Newton Studios co-living video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOA4LCUZ588.

A shared mindset

In the case of a co-living lifestyle, the rule is that if a house is designed with a certain mindset, it will also attract residents with the same mindset. In Newton, the young people staying both for a shorter and longer time are open, sociable and smart. 

They have a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the gym, garbage sorting and the use of planting boxes. All this is being offered to them, making the daily life of the residents of the house significantly brighter than in a traditional apartment building.

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