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Professional landlords are better suited to accommodate a foreigner

It is difficult for foreigners to find a place to live.

Although you can find offers of rental apartments on the portals, it is difficult for a foreigner to find a suitable rental apartment in Estonia. Apartment owners prefer a familiar Estonian-speaking person to someone with a different skin color, cultural and religious background. 

One of the solutions in this case is definitely educating our people and hearing positive experiences from other landlords. However, tolerance and confidence are not built overnight.

The solution is modern rental houses.

Scandium Living  is one of the professional landlords who manages high-quality complete rental houses with modernly furnished rental apartments. In a rental business at a level where there are 100, 200 or more rental apartments in an experienced rent manager’s portfolio, there is no place or no sense for prejudices. 

Estonians and foreigners, students, specialists and freelancers are equally welcome in the rental houses managed by Scandium Living.

The selection criterion is a credit check.

An important criterion for choosing a stable tenant is credit control, i.e., ensuring that the prospective tenant is able to pay the monthly rent. It is a great advantage if the employer himself is looking for accommodation for the employee. Then the landlord can be sure that the tenant has a secure income and has in fact already had a background check. 

Employers are ready to assist foreigners in their search for a place to live, which means that a specialist coming from abroad may even have an advantage over local jobseekers.

In Scandium Living rental homes, almost 20% of the residents are foreigners.

At Scandium Living, we have experienced that co-living lifestyle houses are best suited for foreigners, because it is easy to meet local people, take part in joint events and to blend into the cultural space in here.

The locals also win – they often find a business partner or a good acquaintance in the house with whom to share international experience and discuss new business ideas. We believe that we will soon hear more frequently about start-up business seeds planted in a  co-living  rental house such as Newton Studios instead of a garage. 

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